Workshop: Introduction To LEED V4 Rating System

USGBC Faculty™ are expert practitioners in the green building industry who are the only individuals authorized to teach USGBC education programs. With hundreds of courses a year taught worldwide, Faculty are on the front lines of the green building movement, educating thousands per year on the use and value of green building practices and the LEED rating systems.

Building Envelopes for Green Buildings

Green building envelopes, besides traditional characteristics of integrity and security of the buildings, and contemporary energy efficiency demands, need to fulfil demands such as: sustainability of applied materials, materials recycling, building impact on the environment, as well as high standards of user comfort demands in green buildings.

Financial Considerations for Green Buildings

A a half day workshop to equip real estate developers and investors, valuers, financiers, facility managers, architects, engineers, project managers and other stakeholders with a better understanding of the ways in which sustainability affects the level or risk, and subsequently the value, associated with a green building.