Investitors and users have recognized advantages of green buiding workig spaces, so these object make leading trend in green building since its beginnings.

Besides the obvious advantages of energy efficiency, recycling and water savings, efficiency of the workes is a key of business success. Respectively, high comfort in green buildings, is one of the most important advantages that investors and businesses have for the market.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the key concepts of green building design
  • Define the green workspace
  • Understand the benefits of greener workspaces for all stakeholders
  • Identify key concepts in designing a green workspace
  • Identify key concepts in greening your existing workspace
  • Understanding the role of the green work space in the big picture of green building, climate change and the shift to a green economy


  • Why green building
  • The green workspace – what is it?
  • The benefits of a green workspace
  • Making the case for green workspaces
  • Characteristics of a green workspace
  • Review
  • Designing a green workspace
  • Greening your existing workspace
  • Review
  • The green office inside
  • What’s next? Looking at the bigger picture
  • Review

Lecture Creating and managing Greener Workspaces is a part of International green building education platform initiated by Europe Regional Network (ERN). National green building councils (GBCs) are integrating these lectures in their educational programs.


Boris Popovski is certified trainer for communication, public appearances and the development of small and medium companies through franchising. He developed his skills at the famous international program Dale Carhegie Training. He is employed in the US Embassy in Belgrade, where he works as consultant for the trade office since 2006. Since 2011. he is active in promotion of green building in Serbia.