Green building envelopes, besides energy efficiency performance, are the key element for a full users comfort, as well as durability of buildings.

Green building envelopes, besides traditional characteristics of integrity and security of the buildings, and contemporary energy efficiency demands, need to fulfil demands such as: sustainability of applied materials, materials recycling, building impact on the environment, as well as high standards of user comfort demands  in green buildings.

Learning objectives:
•    Principles of envelope bioclimatic design for:
•    Daylight
•    Passive solar design
•    Solar shading
•    Natural and mixed mode ventilation
•    Principles of green envelope refurbishment
•    How to select green envelope materials and systems

•    Background and main principles
•    Sunlight and daylight
•    Natural ventilation and the envelope
•    Dynamic and multipurpose envelopes
•    The green refurbishment of envelopes
•    Materials for green envelopes
•    The green envelope design process
•    Projects

Lecture Building Envelopes for Green Buildings is a part of International green building education platform initiated by Europe Regional Network (ERN). National green building councils (GBCs) are integrating these lectures in their educational programs.


Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić is a head of Architectural Technologies at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, and guest professor at the Architecture & Construction Faculty in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, BiH. Her professional engagement is toward architectural constructions, materials and building physics, as well as environmental and energy sustainable architecture. She published books, chapters in international and Serbian magazines and conference memoirs. More about the lecturer read on Faculty of Architecture website.