Children spent most of their time and activities in schools, but healthy learning environment is not the only thing they need. In green schools children learn about important topics for future development of sustainable society.

School buildings have great potential for society. It is not only about energy efficiency in school buildings, but about comprehensive approach of energy and water efficiency, better learning environment and results, better quality education and breeding of future generations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognizing main stakeholders – who is involved?
  • Understanding the impact schools have – why is it important?
  • Recognizing the benefits of green schools – how are they better?
  • Identifying key concepts in planning and construction of green schools – how do we  do it?
  • Identifying key concepts in green reconstruction of existing schools – how do we do it?
  • Identifying key factors in operating and maintaining green schools (new or existing) – how do we sustain it?
  • Understanding key financial considerations – how much does it cost?


  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Making the case for green schools – challenges and opportunities
  • Benefits of improving educational environments
  • Design and construction of green schools
  • Design and construction of green schools
  • Existing schools – step for improvement
  • Operations and maintenance of school facilities
  • Financial considerations
  • Review

Lecture Creating and Managing Greener Schools is a part of International green building education platform initiated by Europe Regional Network (ERN). National green building councils (GBCs) are integrating these lectures in their educational programs.


Jelena Vitasović, Serbia Green Building Council President, Operation Director for Serbia and expert in area of project management in construction industry and major projects. Member of Serbian Chamber of Engineers and holds ICS licence for Design.