This year we also took the opportunity to promote the work of the Council at the international fair and conference Green Building Expo.

Council President Marijana Vasic thanked the organizers of the fair for the company Energo and Mrs. Maria Golubovic, one of the initiators and founder of the Green Building Council of Serbia.

Presented are facilities in Serbia that are certified according to the standards of green construction, American LEED and British BREEAM, which confirm Serbian active participation and contribution to the development of modern construction and environmental protection.

So far, the Council has organized numerous workshops, courses and lectures on the subject of certification of facilities, as well as sustainable and easily applicable solutions in the process of planning, design, execution, equipping and exploitation of facilities. Cooperation with members of the Green Building Council, reputable domestic and foreign representatives operating in the Serbian market is necessary in contributing to the expansion of the principles of green construction. We invite all professionals to join us and contribute to be competitive with other countries in the region when it comes to energy efficient solutions and quality modern construction.

For 2017 we have prepared an educational program that involves highly professional lectures in order to encourage the responsibility of all of us, the participants in the construction and end users to preserve resources and insist on quality.

Lawyer Aleksandar Djelic spoke from a legal point of view about the significance of green construction, starting his presentation, reminding us all of the article from the RS Constitution that refers to a healthy environment:

Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and on a timely and complete notification of her condition.
Everyone, and in particular the Republic of Serbia and the autonomous province, is responsible for the protection of the environment.
Everyone is obliged to keep and improve the environment.

The lecture was started with a reminder of the responsibility that each of us has under the Constitution, to the obligations prescribed by the regulations and laws that define consumption and energy efficiency, strategies and possible incentives by the state. They discussed the application of sanctions for non-compliance with laws and various rules of defined rules that should be respected during the planning and construction of facilities. For example. The Criminal Code defines criminal acts against the environment for pollution and non-taking of protective measures, unlawful construction, damage to facilities and devices for environmental protection, etc.,

Announced the new Law on Housing and Maintenance of Facilities, which will enable the investment of budget funds in residential and family buildings.

It is necessary to clearly define obligations, incentives and ultimately sanctions!