Green Building Council of Serbia on International Days of Energy and Investments Novi Sad, March 3, 2017 – The Green Building Council of Serbia participated in the sixth International Energy and Investment Days. Within the panel „Construction and trends of green design“ on important topics in the field of green construction were also discussed by the members of the Green Building Council of Serbia. Aleksandar Molnar (representative of Hansgrohe) spoke about the topic of EcoSmart technology – water and energy saving, Kosta Bolbođevski (ZinCo) presented the advantages of green roofs, while Aleksandar Djelic, also panel moderator, had a presentation on the legal framework for green construction in Serbia. In addition to the members of the Council, the panel members were prof. Dr. Zoltan Zavargo in front of ENEF clusters with energy efficiency and clustering and Bojan Grujički in front of the Viessmann team with the theme design with the application of innovative technologies. Numerous questions, as well as the discussion that developed after the presentation, are indicative of the current nature of green construction and the interest of experts, representatives of local self-governments as well as other numerous visitors. Participants in the discussion were mostly interested in the legal framework and the implementation of the laws on energy efficiency, as well as the practical application of the building and housing solutions presented by panelists within the themes. The International Days of Energy and Investment was organized by the Central European Forum (CEDEF), a partner of the Green Building Council of Serbia.