Sonja je arhitekta, istraživač i pedagog sa strastvenim uverenjem i interdisciplinarnim radom između prakse i akademije u nizu disciplinskih oblasti i raznih analiza. Ostvarena kroz učešće na raznim stručnim projektima i sa željom da se u okviru Saveta aktivira i pomogne svojim iskustvom u istim, posebno kada je u pitanju izgrađena sredina, nauka o životnoj sredini i energetska efikasnost.

Njen trenutni rad uključuje istraživačku saradnju sa više od deset vodećih svetskih arhitektonskih firmi iz SAD i Velike Britanije, konsultanata za inženjerstvo i urbanizam, kao i umjetnika, fotografa, vajara, ekonomista, farmaceuta i psihologa.






09/2015-07/2016 PGCert in Higher Education and HEA Fellow

University of the West of England

10/2010 – 06/2014 PhD Construction Management and Engineering (fully EPSRC funded)

School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading. Thesis ‘Institutional work for enduring logics: Sustainability evaluation in RIBA architectural awards’

06/2002-07/2003 MSc Integration of Renewable Energies in Buildings (IREB)

The CASS, London Metropolitan University and Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP)


09/1994 – 06/2000 PGDip Arch, B (Arch) hons

Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art 08/1998 – 06/1999 ERASMUS European Exchange Scheme, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira CV 2018


05/2015 – Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of the West of England (UWE)

06/2014 – 05/2015 Research Associate, Design Studio Tutor and Dissertation supervisor Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, UWE

01/2013 – Sessional Lecturer Henley Business School, Reading

01/2011-10/2013 Postgraduate Dissertation Supervisor School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading

12/2003- 10/2006 Design Studio Lecturer Department of Architecture, Strathclyde University



2017- Passive Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Scientific Committee member

2017- Association of researchers in construction management (ARCOM) Track convener

2017- South East Europe Ambassador European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) pending

2017- UK/USA Heads of Sustainability in the built environment working Group chair

2017- UK Offsite Housing working group advisory member

2016- Architectural Research Network (ARENA) institutional representative and member

2016- Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE) member

2015- (Knowledge Exchange for Sustainability Education) KESE departmental representative

2015- South West Region STL research and Innovation Panel advisor

2014- Sustainable Society Network (SSN) member

2011- Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) member

2011- European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS) member

2004/05- Architecture Registration Board (ARB) and RIBA DESIGN PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE EXPERIENCE

10/2014- Facilitator, Strategist and Innovation advisor to a range of firms, initiatives, cooperatives and city authorities in the UK and the Balkans

09/2006 – 09/2010 Lead Design Associate Architect and Social Innovation Strategist Stride Treglown, Bristol, Design leader on a number of high profile sustainable commercial projects including the design of highly sustainable headquarters for South Gloucestershire Council with contract value in region of £29mil.

02/2004 – 08/2006 Project Architect and Sustainability Consultant Capita Architecture, Glasgow, Responsibility for design and delivery of South Lanarkshire Schools portfolio.

10/2003 – 01/2004 Architect Assistant

CDA, Edinburgh

06/2000-05/2003 Architect Assistant and Innovation champion RMJM, Glasgow, London and Dubai

7/1998-10/1999 Architect Assistant and Diplomatic facilitator Rossbacher Venetos Vienna



11/2006-08/2010 (£29m) SGC Office Headquarters (Design Lead Architect)

08/2007-08/2008 (£17m) Swansea Office development bid (Design Lead Architect)

Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira CV 2018

10/2007-10/2010 (£7m) WCC Mixed Use Redevelopment (Design Lead Architect)

01/2007-05/2007 (£1.5m) Exmoor Visitor Centre (Concept Design Architect; Sustainability Consultant)

12/2004-08/2006 (£77m) South Lanarkshire Schools Portfolio (Project Architect)

12/2002-05/2003 (EUR 1.2m) Extension to Archeological Museum Lisbon (Sustainability Consultant)

01/2005-09/2006 (£4.2m) Viewpark Primary School (Project Architect)

08/2000-12/2001 (£4.5m) Whitgift Sports Facility (Concept Design Architect)



Oliveira, S and Marco, E, (2018), Role of ‘community space’ in residents’ adaptation to energy efficiency measures in low carbon architecture, Sustainability, invited to contribute to Special Issue (in press)

Oliveira,S, Marco,E and Gething, B (2018) Energy efficient design and sustainable development – a tale of two learning studies, Encyclopaedia of Sustainability in Higher Education edited by Walter Leal Fihlo, (in press)

Lomas,K, Oliveira,S, Warren P, Haines, V, Chatterton, T, Beizaee, A, and Prestwood E, (2018), Domestic Heating Controls: Energy savings, Cost-effectiveness, Usability and International Policy Experience, Renewable and Sustainable Energy reviews (resubmitted)

Morris, J and Oliveira, S (2018), Exploring Employee Energy Efficiency Awareness in UK Commercial Offices: IT and Small Power. Energy Efficiency, (minor revisions)

Oliveira,S and Sexton,M (2018), An uncertain endeavour- Managing conflicting institutional logics in evaluating architectural awards, Organization Science (in preparation for submission May 2018)

Oliveira, S., Marco, E. and Gething, B., (2017), Towards an energy ‘literate’ architecture graduate – UK educators’ and students’ evaluation, Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 1-13, ISSN 1745-2007

Oliveira, S., Marco, E., Gething, B. and Organ, S., (2017) Evolutionary, not revolutionary – logics of early design energy modelling adoption in UK architecture practice, Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 13 (3), 168-184, ISSN 1745-2007

Oliveira, S., Burch, J., Hutchison, K., Adekola, O., Jaradat, S. and Jones, M. (2017), MMC modes of delivery in housing: Effects on Housing Association clients., Project Report., Flagship Group.

Oliveira, S., Marco, E. and Gething, B. (2017), Project Report ‘Residents engagement with energy efficient heating technologies’, commissioned by BSRIA

Oliveira, S., Prestwood, E., Chatterton, T., Poghosyan, A. and Gething, B. (2017) Heating controls: International evidence base and policy experiences., Technical Report, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, 24UK

Oliveira, S. and Sexton, M. (2016) Conflict, contradiction and concern- Judges’ evaluation of sustainability in architectural awards, Architectural Research Quarterly, 20 (4), 325-332. ISSN 1359-1355

Oliveira, S. and Marco, E. (2016) Preventing or inventing? Understanding the effects of non-prescriptive design briefs, International Journal of Technology and Design Education, ISSN 0957-7572


ACADEMIC CONFERENCE PAPERS (selected since 2015)

Oliveira, S., Marco, E., and Gething,B, (2018), Managing comfort in low carbon architecture – gardens, balconies, allotments and greenhouses?, Windsor Conference 12-18April 2018, Windsor

Oliveira, S., Marco, E. and Gething, B. (2017) Co-adapting or adopting? Learning from a large scale comparative case study of four UK architecture firms. In: Architecture Connects, AAE 2017, Oxford, 6 – 9 September 2017

Oliveira, S., Marco, E., Gething, B., Agha-Hossein, M. and Kougionis, T. (2017) Heated living – Residents valuation of heating practices in low carbon architecture. In: Passive Low Energy Architecture PLEA, Edinburgh, Scotland, 3- 5 July 2017

Chatterton, T., Tsang, F., Oliveira, S., Burge, P., Prestwood, E., Poghosyan, A. and Gething, B. (2017), Making energy behaviour research relevant to policy: a tale of two cases, Proceedings of Eceee 2017 Summer Study. ISSN 1653- 7025

Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira CV 2018

Oliveira,S., Marco, E., Gething, B And Robertson, C (2016), Exploring energy modelling in architecture: logics of investment and risk, Sustainability in Energy and Buildings International Conference, Turin

Oliveira, S., Marco, E., Getting, B. and Organ, S. (2016), Outwith domain…within terrain – Effects of early design energy modelling on architects’ design practice. International Conference on Integrated Design: Building our future, University of Bath, University of Bath, UK, 30 June-1 July

Oliveira, S., Marco, E. & Gething, B. (2015), Knowing, showing and understanding? The shaping of energy literacy attributes in UK architecture curricula, The 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development in Building and Environment (SuDBE), Reading, UK

Oliveira,S, Marco, E and Gething, B (2015), What do we say we teach about energy? Viewed through the lens of UK architecture undergraduate education, the EESD 15 –The Seventh Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development, Vancouver, Canada

Oliveira,S and O’Flynn (2015), Students, tutors and facilitators’ expectations regarding a distance energy management course- a study of content, mode and application, ARCOM,UK

Oliveira,S and Marco,E (2015), Converging, combining, crystalizing- Towards a polymorphic design studio, accepted, Arquitectonics Network-Land, Mind and Society, Barcelona

Oliveira,S and Sexton,M (2015), An uncertain endeavour- Managing conflicting logics in evaluating architectural awards, European Group of Organization Studies EGOS 2015, Athens




03/2018- Co-Leading energy intervention evaluation in Bristol on EU H2020 project Renaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and Technology (REPLICATE)

02/2018- (68K) BCC ‘Small sites Initiative’ Housing appraisal (awaiting funders decision) PI

02/2018-(7K) NSC Design Guidance Consultancy (awarded) PI

12/2017-(3K) SHAPE Energy Research Challenge Award PI (in collaboration with Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)

10/2017- (£800K) EPSRC RESIDE ‘Residential building energy demand reduction in India’ (Co-I); leading

and developing 2 work packages that will provide theoretical underpinning drawing on institutional theory to data analysis and dissemination

03/2017- (£38K) Flagship fund ‘MMC delivery in social housing’ (PI); led data bid writing as well as research design, data collection, analysis, liaising with client and disseminating- most recently in housing trade journals Architects Journal ‘Offsite construction’ issue 5thOct 2017

09/2017- (£3.5K) Scott Brownrigg consultancy PI

10/2016-01/2017 (£20K) BEIS International policy evidence heating controls (PI)

12/2016- (£125K) EPSRC New Investigators Grant ‘Citizen led wood burning interventions in developing and developed contexts’(in preparation for submission Dec 2018) PI

07/2016-09/2017 (£15K) HEA Developing Digital Feedback tools (CoI)

05/2016-10/2017 (£14.5) UWE Vice Chancellors Early Career Researcher Development Award (PI)

02/2016-03/2017 (£3K) Allowable Solutions Hanham Hall in cooperation with BSRIA (PI)

01/2016-01/2017 (£50K) HEA Engineering Conversion Course Pilot Scheme (CoI)

12/2015-12/2016 (£3.5K) Stride Treglown Research and Innovation Panel fund (PI)

02/2015-09/2015 (£9K) UWE Teaching and Learning Fund (Research Collaborator) (Co-I)

10/2014-02/2015 British Council Researcher Networking Award


Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira CV 2018

KEY RESEARCH and PRACTICE/EDUCATION responsibilities Sonja leads practices, research and education across a number of disciplinary streams within the built environment. She currently leads delivery of modules and programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) within the Architecture and Built Environment department as well as across the institution (in Geography and Environmental Management Dept. for instance). She is a module leader, programme leader (for the award-winning BEng Architecture and Environmental Engineering course) as well as dissertation supervisor and (forthcoming) Doctoral Director of studies and has taught in a range of settings from individual tutorials, workshops, small groups as well as large cohorts. She is a passionate educator/researcher and practitioner with a firm belief in transforming and innovating across research and learning spectra including exploring innovative research strategies within architecture and engineering firms, developing new feedback and assessment tools within built environment pedagogies, enabling virtual and webinar style external leading designers input and facilitating a range of studio teaching techniques including live project field studies (national and international). Sonja is fully responsible for the coordination and delivery of both industrial research strategies within architecture and across a range of disciplines as well as education including design studio and research strategies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has initiated new academic/industry working groups to share knowledge and develop research practice, contributed to international and UK curriculum design, developed design briefs as well as novel assessment processes, liaised with ARB/RIBA and CIBSE accreditors and validators as well as external examiners. She also supervises MSc dissertations, provides support and research guidance as well as study skills at postgraduate levels including PhD (forthcoming). Sonja can draw on a wide range of industry and research networks both within the UK and abroad from a range of design and research disciplines, thereby ensuring an enriching, challenging and inspiring research, innovation and education environment is continually fostered.


05/2018- Modular Housing Conference, University of Salford- Invited Keynote

12/2017- Sustainable Urban Society Association 5th International Multimedia Event- Invited Keynote

11/2017- RIBA Guerilla Tactics talk ‘Energy modelling in practice’

06/2017- School of Built Environment, University of Reading, Seminar ‘Pathways beyond PhD’

06/2016- Bristol Engine Shed ‘Merging spheres of design practice’ keynote

05/2015- Bristol Architecture Centre ‘Energy literacy in architecture?’ event organizer




2018- Founding of a first of a kind UK Architecture Sustainability Network

2017- Founding of research group ‘Digital practice and MMC’ with key architecture firms and housing association partners, local government and development agencies

2017- Developed links with HAB Housing on housing and smart controls project

2017- Initiated institutional membership of the European Architecture Research Network ARENA led by UCL

2016- Initiated and developed collaborative links with AHMM, SOM, FoxFowle, HOK, Scott Brownrigg, Stride Treglown, AWW and Max Fordham

2016- Initiated links with Prof Rajat Gupta to develop funding proposals (of which EPSRC India bid successful in 2017)

2015- Developed collaborative networks with School of Construction Management and Engineering in Reading (Prof M Sexton and Dr L Schweber) to explore research projects and funding opportunities

Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira CV 2018

2015– Initiated and administered ‘Reading Group’ sessions within Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, UWE Bristol

2014- Acted as Department representative upon own initiative at the UWE (Knowledge for Sustainability Education (KESE) meetings. Initiated research that examines sustainability literacy within the Department four key clusters.

2014- Initiated group of scholars focused on ‘The Inclusive Brief’ developing research links and funding opportunities with an external consultant and scholars within UWE


ACADEMIC Reviewing and editorials

2017 – AJAR/ARENA Journal

2017 – PLEA Conference

2016 – Architectural Engineering and Design Management Journal

2015 – Facilities Journal

2014 – Building Research and Information (BRI) Journal

2012 – International Journal of Construction Management and Engineering

2011 – 2014 European Group of Organization Studies Conference (EGOS)

2010 – 2014 Organization Studies Journal

2010 – 2014 British Management Academy (BAM) Conference



09/2014 – Design Practice Management Advisor, la Biennale di Venezia  Advising initial concept development and delivery of artist led project Silentio Pathologia – 56th International Art Exhibition for Vatican Museum, la Biennale di Venezia (artist E.Hadzi Vasileva). Leading negotiation with Vatican Museum curator on key design delivery aspects of exhibition, contractual and finance agreements, payment schedules and copyright protection as well as future use and exhibition potential of artist work.

05/2013- Design Practice Research Management Advisor Advising initial concept business development for CsCA Architecture, London. Preparation of business plan development strategy, design branding concept ideology, aims and motivation of business ownership make up and structuring of portfolio development.

06/2001-10/2013 Design Director ‘@La Boutique LLP’- development of design business strategy, branding, asset management and product market expansion of luxury accessories fashion family business with exclusive sales rights for international brands GUCCI, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Armani, Cesare Paciotti and Lanvin across six locations in two EU countries (Budapest, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik). Sole negotiator responsibility for successful sale of business product management strategy to TJX Europe Gold Label in 2013.



English (fluent); Portuguese (basic); Serbian(fluent) and German (conversational)



Prof Bill Gething (University of the West of England);

Prof Martin Sexton (Reading University);



Dr Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira


Mobile 00 44 7766007769