Serbia Green Building Council is a strong community of individuals, companies and organizations that promotes the implementation of sustainable solutions in construction.

About the World Green Building Council


The World Green Building Council is a global network  of Green Building Councils  which is transforming the places we live, work, play, heal and learn.

We believe green  buildings  can and must be at the centre of our lives. Our changing climate means we must reshape the way we grow and build, enabling people to thrive both today and tomorrow.


We take action – championing local and global leadership, and empowering our community

to drive change. Together, we are greater than the  sum  of our parts,  and commit to green buildings  for everyone,  everywhere.

Green Building Councils  are independent, non-profit organisations made up of businesses and organisations working in the building and construction industry.  As members of WorldGBC, they work to advance green  building in their own countries, as well as uniting with other Green Building Councils to achieve environmental, economic and social goals on a larger, global scale.